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Small changes, big savings

17 Jul 2019 | News

Becoming more energy efficient at home is not only for those who want to save the environment; it can also help your wallet. Whatever your reasons, cutting back on energy usage has many benefits.

Some changes are one-time investments, while other things you can do each day. Whether you make a big investment in something like solar panels or insulating your roof, or you opt for switching off your lights, you can still save money.

The average house uses 37% of its energy in the winter, compared to 13% in the summer. For example, if your annual energy bills are £1000 that equates to approximately £28 a week in the winter months and £10 a week in the summer months. So being extra careful over winter could really pay off.

Tips for using less energy:

  • Shop around for your energy supplier. See our advice on how to get a discount or switch energy suppliers.
  • Dry your washing outside when you can.
  • If you need to replace an old appliance, look for a modern energy-efficienct one with an A++ rating.
  • Replace light bulbs with low-energy ones, or switch to LEDs, which use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent ones.
  • Slightly reduce the time and temperature that your heating and hot water is set to.
  • Close doors in your house to retain heat inside each room.
  • Open your window blinds or curtains to let in heat and light and close again once your room has heated up. A large percentage of a room’s heat is lost through the windows.

There are also a number of websites where you can check if you are eligible for any saving grants:

  1. Warm home discount
  2. Disabled facilities grant
  3. Winter fuel payment
  4. Cold weather payment
  5. Pension credit
  6. The British Gas Energy Trust
  7. EDF Energy Trust

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