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If you are struggling financially you can get free food and essential household items from a UK food bank.

More and more people are turning to food banks to help them and their families to make ends meet.

Food banks are usually run by volunteers who are using food banks themselves. They understand your situation first-hand and will be very supportive.

Search online for ‘local food banks’ to see if there is one near you.

You can also use the online local search tool on the Trussell Trust website, which provides details of any Trussell food banks near you.

You’re likely to need to a food bank voucher, which you’ll need to take with you to the food bank. Contact your doctor, health visitor, social worker or your nearest Citizens Advice – they can provide you with a voucher.

You can search for your local Citizens Advice centre on their website or call the national helpline on 03444111444. Tell them you urgently need a food bank.